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Our raw cakes are the creative product of our houses own cake-experts! The delicacies are 90% organic, and made from scratch in Silvoplees kitchen.

The Silvoplee raw cakes do not contain any dairy products, eggs or gluten. Please enquire completely vegan and nut-free options separately!

Scroll down, and you’ll find our cake selection. Please inform your special diets or allergies when placing your order.

1. Tiramisu

A timeless classic! A vibrant combination of coconut and vanilla: the sturdy alliance of indonesian organic espresso and raw cocoa leaves no one unsatisfied! 

for 12–14 people | 88 €

2. Kinuski-suklaa

(caramel-chocolate): A sophisticated raw chocolate mousse and salty, yet sweet caramel creme are a priceless combination! The hint of luxury comes from the Ecuadorian ”Arriba Nacional” raw cocoa droplets on top.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

3. Tyrni-appelsiini

(sea-buckthorn and orange): A boost of energy! In this fruity and juicy cake, the gentle orange is accompanied by the nuanced and energizing sea-buckthorn berry. The sourness is balanced nicely by real vanilla and a crunchy almond crumble base.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

4. Sacher

The royalty of cakes! In between the layers of dark and tasty chocolate mousse, a fresh apricot and orange jam is found.. and it’s all topped off by delicious chocolate ganache.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

5. Mustikkamuru

(blueberry crumble): The crunchy crumble base is fulfilled with soft, Finnish blueberries and a vanilla- cashew créme.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

6. Mansikka-toffee

(strawberry and taffy): The creamy strawberry mousse and savory taffy creme embrace each  other on a soft base, made of date!

for 12–14 people | 88 €

7. Sitruuna-valkosuklaa

(lemon and white chocolate): The sweet harmony of fresh lemon creme and white chocolate mousse – supplemented with authentic Peruvian cocoa butter, meet completion on a crunchy millet base.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

8. Porkkana

(carrot-cake): Sweet, Finnish, organic carrots make a beautiful alliance with fresh cranberries and apricots. Voluminous cashew créme, seasoned with orange and rosewater finishes this delicacy nicely!

for 12–14 people | 90 €

9. Snickers

The dream of a true gourmand; peanuts and date-caramel on an almond base! On top, our handcrafted peanut butter and raw chocolate creme!

for 12–14 people | 90 €

10. Mokka-karamelli

(mocha and caramel): A coffee lovers favourite! A luxurious caramel mousse on top of a base made of chocolate and nuts, containing a stash of delicious espresso raisins. The combination of organic coffee and raw chocolate seals the deal

for 12–14 people | 88 €

11. Lakritsi-mansikka

(licorice and strawberry): The licorice-lovers first choice! The licorice layer, seasoned with licorice root and aniseed gets its bold and beautiful coloring from nutritious, black sesame seeds.

for 12–14 people | 90 €

12. Minttu-brownie

(mint brownie): One of Silvoplee’s classics! This traditional flavor-combination is of fresh mint-extract and first class raw chocolate.

for 12–14 people | 88 €

13. Sipulipiiras

(onion-pie, raw): Seed ”cheese” on top of an aromatic seed base, with dried, sophisticatedly sweet, red onion rings. Fresh cherry tomatoes, herbs and grapes give the pie a nice lightness. Fully vegan.

For 10 people | 66 €

14. Helgan tuorekakku

Helgas raw cake is the fresh, true classic of Silvoplee! This delicacy is completely gluten-free, nut-free and 100% vegan.

Min. order 4 pcs | 6 € / pc

Cake order / Silvoplee | Note! Order 5 days prior to pick-up.


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